The art of making records

Making a great record that will stand the test of time is no small feat. From pre-production to tracking and mixing, there are many creative and technical decisions to be made along the way. Whether Will is working with an artist making their first recording, or a seasoned pro who has been making music for decades, his goal is to provide the support and guidance they need to perform their best in the studio.

With dozens of records under his belt, Will knows that building a collaborative and trusting relationship with the artist is key. He takes the time to get to know you and your music; to understand where you're coming from and the message you want to convey. With this knowledge, he can help you strengthen your songs and make a record you're truly proud of.
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“I have never felt more comfortable in the studio with anyone than I feel with you.”
- Rebecca Loebe, singer-songwriter
“You can tell how much love and time that you put into this, and I couldn’t be more happy.”
- Melvin Myles, gospel/jazz/blues singer
“It’s not one of these things where Will can do a little bit of everything – no, he can do a lot of different things really well.”
- Eliot Bronson, indie-folk singer-songwriter

Why work with Will?

Will is a one-stop shop, which can help you get more out of your project budget. Whatever you need, Will can either perform it himself, or bring in the right talent to make it happen.

Will Robertson and Rebecca Loebe playing guitar and singing on a couch behind a coffee table with sheet music on it
  • Studio included. When you’re working with Will, you have complimentary access to Gallop Studios, his professional recording space and creative playground.
  • Multi-instrumentalist. Will is a skilled multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar, electric bass, upright bass, keyboards, mandolin, accordion, and other string and keyboard instruments. If you don’t have the budget to hire additional players, he can create the performances you need.
  • Your music, arranged and conducted. Will is also a classically trained arranger, composer, and conductor. If you decide to bring in a string section, a choir, or some horns, he can create and notate the charts, and find and conduct the players.
"I've worked with Will onstage and in the studio for almost 20 years now. His talent and versatility (bass, piano, guitar, mandolin, accordion, vocals, and probably oud and sitar if available) are hard to beat. And yet it's his sensitivity as a producer that is really Will's finest quality. I'm a singer, and it's rare to find someone on the other side of the glass who listens and feels like Will does. He grasps the heart of a song, understands its message, and maybe more importantly, can sense its potential. And then, Will has the patience, the ethic, and the talent to pull the best performance out of the artist and to build arrangements that make the song soar. This is no small feat. It takes a rare blend of selflessness and self-assuredness."
"People throw around the word "genius" too easily these days. I do not. I believe Will is a musical genius. It's in his blood and his bones. Combine that with his professionalism and good naturedness, and there's no one out there I'd rather work with."
"Will possesses incredible musicality and sensitivity towards a project, working above and beyond to help the artist realise their vision. Whether it be producing, playing or scoring, what Will brings to the table will enhance your art the way you want it to be enhanced."
"He is so great to be around in the studio and is also one of the most professional collaborators I’ve ever worked with."

Featured Works

Will has produced over 30 albums for more than 20 artists across a variety of genres. Here are some of his favorites.

Gallop Studios

When you work with Will, you'll have complimentary access to his recording space, Gallop Studios. Nestled in the heart of a neighborhood forest, Gallop is an inspiring place to record singer/songwriters, full bands, or small classical ensembles.
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