Nestled in the heart of a neighborhood forest, Gallop Studios is an inspiring place to record singer/songwriters, full bands, or small classical ensembles.

When you work with Will, you'll have complimentary access to his recording space, Gallop Studios. This professionally designed studio features a spacious control room, two isolation booths, and comes equipped with a variety of instruments, high-end mics, and preamps.
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Control Room

Besides being the listening space of Gallop Studios, it's a place to get creative, write or practice. It's also big enough to hold the whole band for a rehearsal, or to record a string quartet or a 15-person choir.  
A room in a music recording studio with acoustic guitars and condenser microphones on stands

A Room

A roomy space for a singer or acoustic guitarist, and plenty of room for a full drumkit too.
A room in a recording studio with an upright piano and a vocal tracking setup

B Room

Featuring a Yamaha upright piano, this is a great choice for a singer or an instrumentalist.

Find your stride.

Of all the ways that a horse can run, the gallop is the fastest - but also the most difficult to master. It requires a seasoned expert in the saddle, a strong relationship between the horse and the rider, and excellent communication. When you do it right, it feels like you're flying. Work with Will at Gallop Studios and help your project soar.
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